SEO stands for “search engine optimisation”.  It is the process of getting traffic from the “free”, “organic”, “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.

Search engine monsters like Google have to collect information about every single page on the web, so that they can help people find exactly what they are looking for.  And every search engine has a secret recipe called an algorithm for turning all of that information into useful search results.

So, if you own a website, search results matter!  When your pages have higher rankings they help more people find you.  They key to higher rankings is to make sure that your website has the key ingredients that search engines need for their recipes.  This is called SEO!!

Here are my top 5 tips for getting started with SEO basics.

1. Words – Search engines account for every word on the web. When someone makes a search on Google, it will only bring up websites that include those words.  It is vital that you are including all of your important keywords in your website content.  Your keywords are the words used by your ideal clients when searching to try to find you online.

2.  Titles – Each page on the web has an official title, you may not ever see it as its in the code. Search Engines pay a lot of attention to page titles as they often summarise the page – a bit like the title of a book.  These can be a work in progress, a bit of a trial and error to see which ones get better results.

3.  Links to other sites – When one web page links to another, its usually a recommendation. Telling readers this site has good information.  A webpage with a lot of links coming to it can look good to search engines.  But especially links to high ranking sites, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.  Another good way of linking is to get your clients to add reviews on google, this is another big plus point for your SEO.

4.  Words in links – For example, if your website says “Amazon has lots of books” and the word “books” is linked to, search engines can establish that is related to books. So that when someone searches for “books” that site (amazon) will rank well.

5.  Reputation – Sites with a consistent record of fresh and engaging content and growing numbers of quality links, maybe considered rising stars and do well in search rankings. You can achieve this by adding a blog to your site.  If you are consistently producing engaging and useful content to your ideal clients, all of this fresh content will help with your rankings.

Good SEO is about making sure your website has great content that’s supported by the above ingredients that search engines need for their recipes.  But please do remember that your SEO is always a work in progress, it is not a task to complete and then you can forget about it.  Things are evolving all the time and you can constantly be refreshing your website in order to boost your SEO.

SEO is something I help my own clients with as part of my Website Critique package and would love to chat to you to see if I could help you out with your website.

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