We keep hearing that ‘content is king’ right?  And yes of course, we all know it is very important to get our message out there to our ideal clients and target audience.


The written word is all around us, we are literally bombarded by it digitally 24/7.  In business, words can be a powerful tool, when used correctly and innovatively they can encourage your audience to take action.


However, before you hit publish/send/tweet, how much weight does your content carry if it is filled with errors…!  What impact does it have on your ideal client if it is littered with spelling mistakes, typos and inaccuracies?!  After spending substantial time, energy and creativity on planning, creating and implementing your content strategy, whether it’s for social media posts, blog articles, website content or any other marketing materials, surely it is your duty not to let your content down?


Even just one typo can detract from the overall impression.  This can undermine your brand’s integrity and the reputation you have worked so hard to build.


It doesn’t bear thinking about the impact this type of thing can have within your social media audience and how quickly it can turn into very negative feedback, publicly!


So surely, as part of your content creation strategy, proofreading & editing should play an essential part?  Not to mention the time it takes you to check it over yourself.


Every business would benefit from building proofreading into their content process and recognise it as a valuable tool within their content strategy.


What is a proofreader?


A proofreader reads through text differently to you.  As well as obviously having the level required of the English language, spelling & grammar, they also have an eye for detail, a methodical approach, they are perfectionists and are passionate about spotting and correcting errors!


A proofreader will check and correct spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.  They will identify formatting and layout inconsistencies and check accuracy of page numbering, tables of content, headings and cross-referencing.


Proofreading for websites is very similar, but added to the above are checking layout, including logo, branding and strapline, also headings, buttons, links, email addresses, contact forms and the all-important call to action, as well as the usual spelling, grammar & punctuation.


If a proofreading service is something you have been thinking about for a while, please get in touch, I can chat to you about how it works, and it will be a weight off your mind.


I offer a website proofreading as part of my Website Critique & Refresh package, so please get in touch if you would like to find out a bit more about this service.


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