These are the apps that I use on a daily basis, they help me stay organised and assist me where I am lacking in tech skill!  Check them out to see if they could help you?  And let me know about any apps that are lifesavers for you?


1. Dropbox/Office365 – File storage

For a long time I have used Dropbox, a cloud based file sharing system.  My whole working world is saved on dropbox!!  I couldn’t live/work without it!!  I have the app on my phone and the instant you save a document on your laptop, it is accessible on the app, and vice versa!  So its great for working on the go which I really love.  However I have recently moved away from it, this is only really because I had hit the maximum space for the free version, which, by the way had taken me a couple of years, so there is lots of capacity before you have to pay.  But I was lucky enough to have Office 365 which meant I could utilise OneDrive for free, so it was a no brainer.  I am fairly new to using OneDrive but it works in a very similar way to Dropbox, and I also now have the app on my phone in order for syncing documents quickly.


2.  ContentCal – Social Media Scheduling

Managing social media for my clients, means that I spend a LOT of my day on and in social media!  There is no way I could manage several client’s social media activity across various platforms without using a scheduling tool.  I have used Hootsuite in the past, but I have recently switched to ContentCal and I am loving it.  You can add multiple accounts and get to see the week or month as a calendar view.  Its quite visual and you can drag and drop content around, so its really user friendly.  There are other functions too that I am yet to explore but I know its very intuitive plus I also have the app on my phone so I can post and check on the run!


3.  Toggl – Time Tracking

This goes back to my days working as a VA when I would get paid by the hour, you can set up projects, customers, tasks etc.  And can then run reports for each of these items by the day, week or month.  I would attach a time report to each client’s invoice every month so that they could see in detail, how much time I had worked on each of their projects.  This time tracking software is great, and I still use it currently, but more internally for my own planning, it helps me to keep on top of how I am spending my time, how much time I am spending on current projects and client work.  I also use it to estimate how long projects will take and therefore it assists me with quoting for new work.  Toggl is a free tool and I would really recommend checking it out.


4.  LastPass – Password Management

I could not LIVE without this!!  There is no way I have the memory capacity to remember loads of my own personal passwords, let alone all my client’s log in details.  It also super safe and secure so I know it’s the best way forward to keep everything all in one place and free my mind from having to remember or even (CRINGE) write down passwords to remember them.  This is by far the most secure and straightforward way of retaining login details.  Its also free so in my opinion it’s a must!!


5.  Mailchimp – Newsletter Campaigns

I use this for mine and my client’s email campaigns.  Most people seem to know of mailchimp its very widely used.  Its very user friendly, very intuitive and you can hook it up to your website for opt ins or sign ups which is great!  You can also use it for landing pages which is something I am yet to explore.  Mailchimp is also great for analytics, you can report on your campaigns and see best times for emailing, which links are popular and how many opens you are getting.  It is free for an audience up to 2000, which is great for when you are first starting out and I think once you go over that number, there is a small monthly subscription.


6.  Canva – Graphic Design

Canva is great!!  You can quickly and easily create graphics for all sorts of things including your social media posts/headers, email campaigns and images for stories etc.  It is super user friendly and has templates for most things you can think of!!  It’s a drag and drop system, choosing from different elements, shapes, backgrounds and images.  There are tonnes of fonts and colours for wording.  You can also upload your own images to add to your designs.  It is free, however there is a paid version, but in my opinion you do not need it.  Its an amazing tool and I think most people are using it these days to create a lot of their DIY marketing imagery.


So that’s my round up, I hope some of these will prove useful to you and your working day, I would LOVEe to hear about your time saving apps and which ones you cant live without.  Let me know in the comments!  I do love an app!! 😊


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